Sunday, March 23, 2008

my year, almost

it's almost been a year of this mayhem, and I guess my mood would be fairly undecided. yes, the story of my life thus far. I've been meaning to compose a blog, oh, maybe once a month or something like that. Unfortunately for these pages, I've picked up some toys, including guitar hero, a piano, and some books. Good stuff. I'll try to beat those kids at GH next time at Walmart. addictive too, sort of like kiddie crack, except you get better finger dexterity. I like it.

I say undecided because I get asked quite a bit about med school and residency by the fellow med students. It gets me thinking, since about 90% of my answers during med school and the interview trail were fairly contrived and routine. I guess by the time I recited them so often, I sort of believe them myself. I still try to convince people to go into medicine, but I try to make sure they do so for the right reasons. boring? never. rewarding? occasionally. challenging? daily. I hope these reasons are still true 1 year, 5 years, and even 10 years from now. maybe I won't be too cynical then, but I am an optimist.

I will blog more later. these articles are literally sitting on the desktop, partially completed, partly funny, and poorly worded thoughts...